Monday, February 6, 2012

Revlon Posh: swatches & quick review

I picked up this beautiful green Revlon during a recent drugstore sale. It's one of the new shades (not the new Colorstay ones, though) and it was in a display with Naughty, Smoldering, Popular (Starry Pink repromote) etc.
Revlon is a favorite drugstore brand of mine. I don't often buy any of their products at retail just because it's so easy to get them on sale! This polish retails for $4-6 depending where you are shopping; I only paid $2.50 thanks to a coupon and a sale. I won't pay $6 for a Revlon or Sally Hansen when I get 2 China Glaze for that much!
Anyway, Posh is a vivid medium leafy-green creme. It is saturated but not too bright or anywhere close to neon. The color is definitely on the yellow side of the green spectrum and not the blue side, but I think it's pretty in-the-middle for a medium green. The formula was on the squishy side, meaning this polish required 3 thin coats to full opacity but it was easy to apply, no dragging or streaking or balding. It dried very shiny without topcoat and quickly too. I'm a sucker for a nice green and even though I have similar shades (more on that in a moment) I just couldn't leave this pretty one behind.
These pictures are as color-accurate as I could get them (which is why my cuticles look gross and yellow in some, ha ha.)
Flash, indoors (getting better!)

Looks familar huh? Even when I was buying this I knew it would be close to Essie Pretty Edgy, but I wasn't sure how close, so I did a side-by-side swatch and took comparison shots. Posh is close to CND Green Scene as well, so I included that in some comparison shots too. Those will be up tomorrow, with a full on 3 way VS with details on how bottles/brushes/formulas stack up.


  1. Great green! I've been slow to buy these new Revlons since they're going to be core but they have some very nice colors.