Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comparison shot of Revlon Posh, Essie Pretty Edgy and CND Green Scene

Here I am with a late comparison between Revlon Posh, Essie Pretty Edgy and CND Green Scene. My internet has been crazy the past few days! The tech people didn't have an appointment until next week, but fortunately I got online just now.
Here are comparison shots, with 3 coats of Posh and Pretty Edgy and 2 of Green Scene. (I'm trying out rounded corners on my pictures- I think they're cute!)

Now, I will say that these 3 are all so similar in color on the nail that differences in terms of finished look are tiny. None of my flash or shade pictures turned out at all, all three just looked exactly the same! I believe in these sunlight photos that the minute differences are visible.

As for color, Pretty Edgy and Posh are almost an exact color-match, perhaps a half shade different even if that. The color of Green Scene is slightly different from Posh/Pretty Edgy, it's a a drop bluer and maybe a tiny bit darker, but I had quite a time trying to capture that in photos!

So how are these polishes not alike? Well, for one, finish and formula. CND Green Scene has a very creamy and pigmented formula, nearly opaque in 1 coat, unlike the squishy 3-coat jelly-creme formula that Revlon Posh and Essie Pretty Edgy share. Posh & Pretty Edgy dry to a shiny finish by themselves, but Green Scene dries rather dull and definitely benefits from topcoat. Green Scene has the dense finish of a true creme polish. Posh and Pretty Edgy have the slightly milky and gel-like finish that comes from their jelly-creme formula. CND's formula did cause some staining upon removal from its heavy pigmentation, but its opacity was really nice.

All 3 have very different brushes and bottles but it's all based on personal preference, and I like all of their brushes. CND has a wide, flat, supple brush with a nice shape and good coverage per stroke. Revlon has a tapered, flexible brush, on the longer side in length and easy for me to use. Essie has a petite brush that fans out nicely and allows for precise placement and control of the polish.

They are priced differently too, the CND being $9, the Essie $8 and the Revlon about $4. Revlon is the easiest to find, then Essie/CND. (Animal testing: Revlon is by the accounts I can find a no-animal-testing company and is not owned by a parent company that conducts tests; Essie is a no-animal testing-company but they are owned by a parent company that tests on animals; I cannot find reliable info on CND.)

I'll probably keep Green Scene and either Posh or Pretty Edgy for now but not all 3, and unless there's a specific reason in mind I don't see a need to own all 3. Great greens though, and I love me some green for spring.

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